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It was established in 2012 to bring together men and women who have passed through art, and everyone from all layers of society, with the universal language of art, in order for them to take more part in and contribute to social life through art. and panels successfully.

Association President: Hatice ERDİ

Contact :0532 347 25 07

     Although the Dardanelles war was a war in which the bloodiest and heaviest losses in history were experienced, every year thousands of Turks and Anzacs come together at the commemoration ceremonies in Gallipoli and rise as a monument to humanity despite all the brutality of the war. For the memory of those who lost their lives in Gallipoli, prayers and wishes are made in the name of world peace. Australian Prime Minister Mr. Gillard, in his speech, said that the Dardanelles Wars ended at dawn as it had started 8 months later, and that the last Australian soldier left the Gallipoli Peninsula quietly at 3:57 on 20 December 1915 and said, they lived for. For this reason, the Commander of Australia and New Zealand, General Godley, left a message asking Ottoman forces to respect the Anzac tombs. But there was no need for such a call. The Turks honored our losses and took care of them like their own children. And then they did something rare in the pages of history. They named this place 'Anzac Cove' in honor of the defeated. For this reason, we owe a great debt of gratitude to the Republic of Turkey. No nation could better protect our temples and host these sacred visits more generously.” They fought fiercely during the hours of war, and developed human relations and friendships in the remaining times. Respecting each other, they fought and died in mutual trenches. After the two strangers died while they were enemies, they fell in love with each other and became friends. That is why Çanakkale has become a place where friendship and humanity are shown to the world at such a painful cost, as well as a great war. This series of exhibitions has been organized to remind the world that is still at war, that despite the terrible face of war, friendship can be established and to commemorate the Turkish and Anzac soldiers with respect and love, and we would like to thank everyone, especially my artist friends, who contributed.