tradesmen and citizens an exchange of views with the delegation in the normalization process with the mask, distance and attention to the rules of hygiene in the work of the informed trader trades on amenities, wished auspicious and fruitful gains. Deputy Çam said during the visit: 'with the gradual normalization process, our Turkey has entered a new process. At the time of the closure, we had businesses that were closed in our district. With this new process, we wished good deeds to our tradesmen who opened their businesses. Along with our support package for tradesmen announced by our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I hope that our tradesmen will overcome this difficult process as soon as possible. May Allah bestow good and fruitful gains on all our tradesmen,” he said.

Back to blue we'll be together

During his visit met with a citizen of chat and has touched the hearts of trades people and their wishes, opinions, and recommendations of the president's Corner Field, “without the mask certainly be avoided in the process of a gradual normalisation together, together again Blue distance, and we aim to get back to complying with the rules of hygiene. We have a great bond of love with our people. We strive to be worthy of this love. We have always given great importance to consultation with our compatriots and we are moving in this direction. The demands and ideas of our tradesmen and citizens have always been the first priority for us. Because we're here to serve them. We serve our people, and every good job we do for our people makes us as happy as our citizens,” he said.


During the visit of the delegation visit the production facilities and factories that operate in Mamak without neglecting received information about their activities. During the visit, President Köse welded the steel construction parts of the factory, which continues to manufacture. President Köse, who invited investors to Mamak, said: “I would like to thank our investors who acted with the awareness of taking care of our district on behalf of our citizens of mamak. We need investors. Investor means employment, business means employment,” he said.